SHarveytile Products


Elegant , Steel based , Strong , High Quality and Acrylic coating.


Colour diversity , Durable , Light weight and Enviromentally friendly.


Savings on timber roof trusses of up to 40% , 5 year warranty on the paint , Maintenace free , Burglar resistant , Fire resistant , Hail resistant , Heat resistant , Sound resistant and leak proof.

Maintenance Free

A Harvey tiled roof is maintenance free, which means you don`t have the inconvenience of fixing leaks, replacing broken tiles, or repainting every few years.


Through on going research, the Arcylic coating which was developed in 1970 can withstand high ultra-violet levels as well as adverse weather conditions.
The tiny granules bonded to the surface result in a truly durable finish which is unaffected by extensive weathering such as gale force winds,Versa pelting rain and hailstorms.

Strong in Design

Each steel based tile is designed and manufactured for strength.
The unique overlapping system and fixing technique provide not only a leakproof solution but also a form of burglar proofing.

Strong on Savings

A one tonne roof could weigh up to eight tonnes more on ordinary concrete tiles. This excellent weight to strenght ratio means that with our tiles you invest money in the tiles and not in unnecessary structure..

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