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Harveytiles are state of the art and lightweight steel roofing tiles that have stood the test of time. With elegance, colour diversity and many other merits, Harveytiles are lightweight but very strong thus are easy to transport without any damage being incurred. Make the right choice and place an order now!

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Each steel tile is designed and manufactured for strength. The unique overlapping system and fixing technique provide not only a leak proof roof but also burglar proofing.



A Harvey Tile roof will save you up to 40% on the cost of timber because of:

- it`s length (1700mm) and width (37cm).
- it only weighs 3.9kg
- it uses less timber.

For example 1m2 of cement/concrete tiles weighs 54kg, and 1m2 of Harvey Tiles weighs 7kg.
This excellent weight to strength ratio means that, with our tiles, you invest your money in the tiles not in unnecessary structure.



Harvey tile carry a 30 year manufacturer`s structural warrantee. Our paint has been UV stabilized and therefore we guarantee the colour for 15 years.

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